Theta Hill Consulting



Theta Hill Consulting is owned by David and Jonathan Bennett, twin brothers, authors, and personal coaches. 

We're authors of seven self-help books related to relationships, dating, and personal success.  Through The Popular Man and The Popular Teen brands, we produce content that helps over three-quarters of a million visitors each year acheive success in every area of their lives.

We have served as expert sources in over 250 media articles , and have been featured in  The Wall Street JournalThe Huffington PostBusiness InsiderPrevention, and many others.


We have been helping male clients since 2010, working as dating and relationship coaches. In 2013, we partnered with the largest matchmaking firm in central Ohio to help their male clients develop the social, life, and relationship skills necessary to succeed.

We also have helped various organizations and businesses, presenting on topics as diverse as body language, personality types and communication, as well as dealing with organization change, and conflict resolution.

In 2015, we began offering life coaching and formal trainings for businesses and other organizations as Theta Hill Consulting


The "life coaching" industry is filled with very excited and nice people, but often they have very little training and fail to do any kind of scientific research. They also amount to very little more than just expensive cheerleaders. 

The organizational training industry suffers from the same problem, although they have another too: they're boring. Employees often dread trainings because not only do they rarely learn anything practical, but they are bored to death in the process.

We combine many years of experience, evidence-based coaching techniques, tech-savy coaching, scheduling flexibility, with reasonable prices.